Tips from Vancouver Roofers: How to Maintain Your Roof

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Roof Maintenance. Depending on the materials used, roofs on average last up to 20 or 25 years with minimal issues. That is if they are handled properly. Every year, most homeowners spend over a thousand dollars in roof repairs and replacement that could have been avoided by simple maintenance.

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Why Should You Maintain Your Roof?

Vancouver Roofers want you to know that keeping your roofs healthy can save you from the hassle of avoidable repairs. Roof repairs and roof replacement cost the average American $6,600 annually. Think about where else you could use that money.

Aside from the expenses, you need to maintain your roof for the safety of your family. The roof keeps them safe from rain, snow, winds, and thunderstorms. A bad roof can compromise security and comfort of your family.

Tips on Roof Maintenance:

Roof maintenance should be relatively easy if done consistently. Leaving a lawn for a while makes it harder to mow. Just like your yard, leaving roofs unchecked for an extended period will make them more complicated to deal with.

To avoid that, here are a few practical tips from our professional Vancouver Roofers on proper maintenance and roof health:

1. Regularly Clean It Up

Debris such as leaves commonly starts to pile up on roofs, especially if there are towering trees nearby. Leaves hold water and eventually cause roofing materials to deteriorate. They collect behind angular spaces like pipes, and chimneys, so focus on these areas.

Concerning this, if there are nearby trees with branches that touch or hang over the roof, consider pruning them.

2. Remove Moss

Moss, unlike algae, will be harmful to roofs since they retain water. It’s easier to remove moss if tackled early. However, if there’s a build up, you need to kill the moss first. Use particular kinds of soaps that are formulated for killing moss. Use the ones based on potassium salts of fatty acids since these are safer than most other products.

To make sure that the moss won’t come back, install zinc strips near the top of the roof.

3. Perform a Yearly Roof Inspection

The most important thing is to conduct a regular roof inspection. Observe it in all angles by going around your house. You can also climb on top of it using a ladder. Inspect the condition of the shingles, and see if anything has settled on the gutter. Watch out for cracks and chips. If you spot a problem and you’re unsure how to handle it, contact our Vancouver Roofers right away.

4. Research How to Maintain Your Particular Roof Material

Different roofing materials often require distinctive maintenance. For example, cedar roofs tend to get discolored by tannis, so they need to be washed with oxalic acid. Research how to clean the specific roof material that you have.

In Conclusion:

Roof maintenance is manageable if done correctly and regularly. Ask your local roofing contractor for any advice on how to maintain your roof. If you feel like you’re having some serious roof problems, call Vancouver roofers for a professional assessment.

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